Saudi Streetart Exhibition In Jeddah

I tried to visit this place, unfortunately I couldn’t find a parking space. I circled the area three times, got into a fender bender and quit trying to find the place and went to have dinner instead.

Street Photography in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Gazette (SG) published an article about Street Photography in Saudi, and how it is illegal and can land you in jail. Now you know photography is a passion of mine and I’ve been out with friends more than once taking pictures here and there, I even have a personal project which I started, then stopped, and…
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The Passing Away of King Abdullah

January 23, 2015 This Friday morning we woke up to the sad news of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz passing away. I woke up and opened my phone to see if anyone had sent any important messages, I saw an unusual number of messages for a Friday morning, and as I read the news of King…
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The New iPhone six’s

The new iPhone(s) 6 just came out, ever since Steve passed away they started doing them in twos, first the 5S and the 5C, now the 6 and the 6 plus, and they are getting bigger and better. Phones seem to follow a cycle of big to small then small to big, and it’s funny…
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Jumping off Cars

Everybody loves Kung Fu fighting, when it’s between equals. When you add a panda to the equation, kung fu panda was a hit, add a religious guy to the equation backed by a government association, it becomes a horror story. Stories differ, this is what the man had to say, there are always two sides,…
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Saudi and Japanse Tourist Helping the State of Colorado

Saudi and Japanse tourist are helping and supporting the State of Colorado by coming in and purchasing the newly legalized weed. Saudi Petrodollars are now going up in smokes, Saudi students are now getting their higher education, Saudi’s now go to Colorado for the powder in the winter and the green all year long, ok, enough…
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The Selfie with King Abdullah

This selfie spread faster than butter on hot bread, it’s a selfie taken by Prince Badr bin Saud, King Abdullah’s grandson and posted on prince Badr’s Instagram account (badrbinsaud14) Now that is a privilege and something only a grandson can do