Obama in Saudi Arabia


US president Barack Obama visits Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah for the second time, or maybe his third time, to discuss the situations around us, I’m guessing Qatar, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Iran, are all on the agenda. Qatar for the recent fallout, Syria for the many years of the world standing still and watching, Egypt for…
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The Past Month

The first quarter of 2014 is not over yet, and life has been going in a scary way. In the past month I’ve been to two funerals and two milkas aka weddings, where I… had a little something in my eye at the funerals, and had smiles on my face at the weddings. The first…
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Save the Syrian Children

save the syrian children video 1 second

So much trouble has been going on in the world that we almost… no we ARE desensitized to it. I did a personal 1 second a day video and when I watched it, it was so surprising how much difference a year makes and all the events in it, this video is a reminder of…
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Saudi Hollywood

saudi arabian chris rock

The saudi internet sphere has been abuzz with sharing the work of @1ghettostart who photoshops pictures of famous hollywood actors and puts them in Saudi and arab clothing. The clothes do make the man… or woman, and what is culture other than they way we dress, the way we style our facial hair, and some…
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I watched Wadjda, the critically acclaimed Saudi Movie directed by a Saudi woman, and filmed in Saudi Arabia. The movie was not that good and I think it sucked, and that’s my opinion. I wouldn’t be too hard on such endeavors, but a movie which costs 2.5 million US dollarsĀ and had New York film academy…
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Misfit Shine – Workout Activity Monitor

misfit shine workout tracker activity monitor

For the longest time I resisted getting one of these work out activity monitors, they are glorified pedometers anyway… With a few more bells and whistles. Thanks to a good friend/secret Santa I got one of these misfit shines just before Christmas, and I have to say getting one was life changing. I personally thought…
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Is Blogging Dead?

I keep asking my self if blogging is dead or not, some people say it is, some say it is not, while personally my daily unique visitors stat trends are the same, so I beg to defer… but this is what I noticed happened in the blogosphere, at least the Saudi blogosphere. Why Blogging is…
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