Saudi and Japanse Tourist Helping the State of Colorado

Saudi and Japanse tourist are helping and supporting the State of Colorado by coming in and purchasing the newly legalized weed. Saudi Petrodollars are now going up in smokes, Saudi students are now getting their higher education, Saudi’s now go to Colorado for the powder in the winter and the green all year long, ok, enough…
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The Selfie with King Abdullah

This selfie spread faster than butter on hot bread, it’s a selfie taken by Prince Badr bin Saud, King Abdullah’s grandson and posted on prince Badr’s Instagram account (badrbinsaud14) Now that is a privilege and something only a grandson can do

Saudi Student Stabbed to Death

A graduate Saudi female student Nahed Almanea was stabbed 16 times in broad daylight in England, initial investigation says it’s a hate crime. My condolences to her and her family. The number of Saudi students on scholarships in England particularly is great, so many students that the government stopped sending students there for a while…
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Jeddah’s Historical District is Unesco Listed

Jeddah historical district qusaytoday

My hometown city’s historical district just got declared as a unisco world herarige site, the last of its kind according to Unesco’s website. I am happy, I grew up going to that area everynow and again, before the megamalls became the norm, it was albalad where one went, and still do to get a bargain,…
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Bottles Outta Saudi

On our journey to modernization, we have hit a new major milestone. A shipment of more than 3000 bottles of whiskey were discovered on their way out of Saudi Arabia… not in… out of Saudi Arabia, which means they already made it in and were in the market. This means that we either have a…
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McDonald’s in Small Saudi Towns

Little Saudi towns and villages are joining the rest of the world and having McDonald’s franchises open up. Now McDonald’s is not really affordable, and you can get much healthier food for less money than you would in McDonald’s, which is why the nice cars… And some people dressed to the nines in this picture….
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Game of Thrones Saudi

Many people I know watch Game of Thrones, including my wife and I, something in me wants to read the book, or the series of the books, but I don’t want to ruin the show, if that makes sense at all. Imagine my surprise to see this on the internet today, my heart skipped a…
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