Extreme orthodox Jewish women

While I was viewing one of my favorite photography sites Petapixel, I found an interesting post about the closed off ultra orthodox Jewish community in Israel. I found this picture particularly interesting as I’ve never seen or heard of anything like this before, I thought it was only in ultra conservative Muslim societies that this…
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Sports Monitors

With all the health monitors out in the market, I am blessed to have a few to call my own. Now, to be honest, sometime I think I go overboard when I wear three of them as the same time. Misfit Shine The first is the misfit shine, which I reviewed a while ago. I…
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Draw Mohammed 

My son is from the i-generation, which means he cannot imagine the world without the internet, any question which I cannot answer, which are a lot more than the questions he has, he knows where to go. With our recent losses in the Royal Family, which coincided with him coming into the age which he…
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Prank Calling a Saudi Cupcake Store

Due to the many nationalities that we have in Saudi Arabia, it is not uncommon for us to be able to imitate dialects and speaking sounds of other nationalities, so when Sara Smoukahontas (she’s from Finland), the lady that shot to fame for her video What Languages Sound Like to Foreigners, called one of our…
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New Changes in the Saudi Government 

Something historical happened in Saudi Arabia, the morning of April 29, 2015 saw a change in cabinet unlike any we have seen before. From crown princes to ministers, mostly all chairs/positions have new people in the seats. I’m not an authority on Saudi history, but not since the late Kings Saud and Faisal has anyone in…
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The Colors of Saudi


A new photo exhibition is going around called The Colors of Saudi I loved some of the pictures, I haven’t visited it yet, I hope I can if it comes to a town near me. My favorite picture is of the old man        

Pierre Hermé Jeddah


Last year I received a gift bag of goodies from a dear friend, it contained actual french macaroons (from Paris) from a place called Pierre Hermé and they just upped the scale for any macaroon that came after them. I mean, I do enjoy a good macaroon every now and then, but those were just out…
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