LL Cool J Speaks Arabic?

I was flipping through the channels last night when I came across the new NCIS with LL Cool J playing one of the agents… so I let it be…  I’ve been an LL fan since I saw the movie Krush groove back when I was still not in high school and LL needed a radio inside his hand… I’ve seen that movie on betamax so many times, I memorized all the songs.

But this is not what I am writing about. See I came across the scene where they bust into an apartment, no one is there, then LL looks at a computer screen with what looks like an Arabic website, it was too fast to determine for a native Arabic speaker non the less those who do not know… and he determined it was a jehadi website.

Next thing I know, they are running after this guy, catch him, punch him, he puts his hand in his “man bag” they tell him no… LL starts reciting a verse from the Quran to show the terrorist he understands and “this is not the way of Allah” but then the terrorist clicks something inside his bag… and they start running and boom.

My wife, was not looking at that moment, asked me what language was that? she is also a native Arabic speaker… I told her that’s something like gangsta Arabic or maybe it was Arabonics since LL is not a gangsta… LL, sorry, but your pronunciation needs to be worked on… good effort though., it is way better than George Clooney’s Arabic in Syriana (which was a good movie IMHO)

The good thing is, they are now showing the good with the bad in Hollywood, I am not sure what and how much sticks in peoples minds.

Here is LL talking about the show (link)



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8 thoughts on “LL Cool J Speaks Arabic?

  1. Asalamu Alaikum

    I read the title and was hoping to find out that LL Cool J speaks Arabic because he’s Muslim lol.

    Crush groovin, body movin, body movin! Its been a lonnnnng time since I watched it as a tween. My sister and I used to have a crush on Kurtis Blow. Ahhh memories!

  2. I feel so pop culture challenged! 🙁
    Shall I admit I had to look up what a man-bag is? And how relieved I was to find out it is a man-purse, sacoche, gym bag… whatever. No I’d better not! 😛

    George Clooney’s Arabic was terrible? (I haven’t seen the film). For that budget they could afford a better language coach or high tech dubbing.

    How about George Galloway’s “Shaab Arabi Wahad”
    (at 16:10-22)

    Not Hollywood, not an actor, but I like hearing him say it and the audience reaction, and his Scottish brogue, and rhetorical in English around it.

    Bonus: Robert Baer (inspiration for and technical adviser on Syriana) arguing the other side of the debate, and the need for Iraq to be ruled by a dictator. (from 10:15)

    Super bonus: best comment of the night
    AUDIENCE Q (Male) (at 34:00+)
    Good evening. I wanted to say something like you, Mr. Robert. You said Shias don’t want to live with Sunnis. With all respect, you don’t know what the situation is. My father is Shia and my mother is Sunni, so I guess they want to live together. [Applause] I want to live with my friends from Shia, it’s not like they don’t want to, the problem is they can’t. Why can’t they? Because of the violence.

  3. A man bag is not pop culture, it is fashion… plus if IKEA makes one it is not pop at all 😉

    Nice one at the end, the so called experts usually collect the news, never know the people and yet call themselves experts…

    Thanks a million for the link

  4. LOL 🙂 Okay, linguistically challenged then. If you had said sacoche I wouldn’t have had to google anything! LOL 🙂

    Sorry, at the risk of sounding immodest (moi?) I find the expression man bag sort of vulgar, maybe because I don’t live in OZ and I haven’t heard it here. Sounds rather locker room for anatomical parts, but then I try to stay out of men’s locker rooms. Indeed–linguistically challenged just about covers it!

    I LOVE the Doha Debates and that one in particular. In general, great topics, excellent guests, and best of all so many bright, articulate, thoughtful Arab/Gulf youth at their best!

    Yes, the simplicity and logic of his statement made it irrefutable, and memorable.

    The most recent debate, on the release of the “Lockerbie Libyan” was an extremely close result–verrrrry interrrrresting! The press release is here:


    Can’t wait until they post the video!

  5. I always find it funny when he speaks Arabic on the show. For most American it doesn’t matter that he doesn’t speak it properly because we don’t know Arabic and cannot judge how he (mis)pronounces words. I enjoyed this post!

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