Saudi BarCamp

So it is almost that time of year again, last year the SaudiBarCamp focused and blogging and change, this year it’s different, it is about Entrepreneurship and is being held at KAUST, a big step from last year where it was held in a coffee shop, good on you guys.

Entrepreneurship is one of the leading causes to and for change, so they do practice what they preach 🙂 and I am proud of them, but this event is focused on entrepreneurs in the field of information technology.

The event will be streamed live from KAUST on Tuesday 26 january 2010 and will be attended by  KAUST students and faculty. So mark you calendars if you are interested, I am sure it will be interesting.

Here is the link to the event which has all the info. Let’s hope it is at least as good as last year’s event, even though I am sure it will be better.

Update: The event will no longer be held at KAUST for reasons which I do not know what to call, the event will be held at the five star Mövenpick hotel.



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5 thoughts on “Saudi BarCamp

  1. We’ll be waiting in anticipation for the grand occasion.
    With the exceptional abilities of the organizer and outstanding knowledge and accomplishments of the participants. it is going to be really interesting and successful.

  2. That is a real step up in recognition and enrichment of the proceedings to hold them at KAUST and take advantage of the expertise and facilities there. A very illustrious group of speakers I must say.

    The link was informative (and had a really cute tiny translation error), and I assume that one could access the live stream from the KAUST site; that is if one spoke IT and entrepreneur, not just change and English.

    May try checking it out anyway, for the KAUSTian ambiance!

    Good luck to them, in these ongoing endeavours to use IT as a social change agent.

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