The War on Terror and The Rise of Revolutions

I’m going to go a little Freakonomics on this post, and try to connect the rise of revolutions with the war on terror, I could be wrong, I have no scientific evidence on all of this, but then again, this is just a blog, and these are my thoughts on a subject.

The war on terror, Islamic terror only that is, every other form can still go on unnoticed, began after September 11th, funding to organizations as well as charities dried up, funding to Islamic schools (aka madrases) dried up, and so, the opium of the masses began to have less effects on the people drugged up on religion.

The less effect religion had on the masses, and the more, according to wikileaks desperate housewives had (I’m sure they are wrong, Hanna Montana had a more devastating effect) on them, woke the Facebook generation up, ask any parent how different this generation is to the past one, we were happy with Atari, they get mad that the XBox subscription has been canceled.

So take away constant reminders of having patience until we get to heaven and enjoy paradise, give them images of people living to somewhere that looks a lot like paradise (Hollywood is all smoke and mirrors, but still, it is there, and it looks like it is attainable in this life, after all we all have the potential to be richer) and you have a somewhat volatile combination, especially now that you’ve educated them, and then not given them the opportunities to get out there and get it, and they hear through the grapevine Guardian, CNN, MSNBC, and even Fox, etc,  about the extravagances of Slick Rick The Ruler, and you only give to your kids from a certain wife but the step kids get none, and they never get a fairy god mother like cinderella… Well, somethings are  about to change, ask the Menendez Brothers.

No, it is not the signs of the times, at least I don’t believe so, revolutions have been happening throughout history, we are just experiencing this one at lightening speed, we even get most of the info straight from regular people on the scene, not filtered news reports, which makes it all the more personal, I wonder what the Griots will sing about this time in history, after all is said and done.



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5 thoughts on “The War on Terror and The Rise of Revolutions

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  3. It is an interesting anaylsis, but incomplete.

    We must still ask why certain ideologies lead to violence.

    Our Sufi brethren are not engaged in violence in the name of their strand of Islam, nor are Buddhists auto-detonating explosives for Lord Buddha.

    Thus, while poverty, frustration and boredom are factors, they are insufficient.

    W should be frank that the ulemaa have reinforced a system in which heterodoxy is forbidden, and in which violence is afforded legitimacy.

    We are not the only group to do this, one can think of Middle Ages Catholicism amongst others, but we must acknowledge that pacifism is not rooted within our traditions.

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