Saudi Arabia Why no Revolution on The 11th of March

Maybe it was the Saudi inshallah. Who knows? You will get a thousand and one differed answers to that question, but the reality is, Saudi is not ready for a full blown revolution, and when and if it might be… well, there will be some American artillery worth $60 billion dollars to see that it won’t happen, either that or oil will rise to record highs that our neighboring countries and their neighbors will want to invade Saudi, as I said, who knows?

The fact of the matter is, no revolution happened on the 11th of March, and it won’t on the 20th of March either, if anyone wants to bet, I need the money at the moment, and will put down my paycheck on the table.

The 11th or Mars (March) according to some

And here is why it didn’t and won’t, according to me.

The “young online activist” are detached from reality. Most have no rapport with the average person, or constituency as my good friend calls it. Imagine MLK had his dream, but no following, those that poses a threat are already in jail, you know, like university professors who can influence a large body of students year after year, or religious leaders who know how to quote the holy book and prophetical sayings, but not in a favorable way depending on the season 😉

While some online activists are doing a good and admirable job, most are pushing for a western style freedom (whatever that is), due to being influenced by that which they have seen and read, hence the label “taghrebi” or or wanting to be westernized, a Saudi version of the american uncle Tom.

However, that is not what the average Saudi is exposed to, nor what he or she want, nor can the two relate.

I am not saying it is all good, and people are not feeling the pinch. Most in our vast and empty kingdom, including my self, do not own a home, nor do we own a piece of land, and almost all, if not all of the King’s newly created orders do not benefit me either directly nor indirectly, but they apparently affect a large segment of Saudi society.

I do hope though, that these shake ups actually make the wheels of change turn faster than a hamster spinning on a wheel and sipping on an energy drink.

While some think that twitter or Facebook actually help win a revolution, compare and contrast Libya and Egypt as your homework, they still actually have the power to fly or sink your whale… PEOPLE win revolutions not social networks, otherwise, a tweet, without doing something, is like asking your maid to get you a glass of water, complaining about the glass, and the water, and not doing anything about it… except complain… you know?



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12 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia Why no Revolution on The 11th of March

  1. “religious leaders who know how to quote the holy book and prophetical sayings, but not in a favorable way depending on the season ”
    You may say that again, brother 🙂

  2. Enjoyed this, Qusay! You are right…it takes people on the ground ultimately and even then it doesn’t always work. What will the outcome be in Libya? Gaddafi isn’t going away as easily as Bin Ali or Mubarak. Hopefully their resistance will pay off, but we don’t know right now.

    People are doing virtual protests in some areas and that’s good for rallying the troops, but it’s going to take that big step of getting rid of your fear enough to go out on the street and risk losing your life for your cause. I watched the 60 Minutes interview with Wael Ghonim and he talked about the regimes controlling people by fear. And the people finally moving past that fear – or acting in spite of their fearfulness – that propelled Egypt to ousting Mubarak.

    I hope one day all those who truly desire freedom will get past that fear and go out and make a difference for themselves and future generations.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  3. If the protesters can answer this question with a Yes, then there will be a revolution:

    “Are you willing to die for what you are protesting?”

    Otherwise, we can all just mark the 20th as another day to stay at home and just chill with family.

    • After the death of the prophet Sauid Arabs changed and only knew how easy it was to kill others, and would therefore be never willing to die for cause of freedom. They havn’t understood the meaning of self sacrifice.They seem to belong to those companion class race who fled in the battlefields and always embarassed the Prophet….

      I also need the money at the moment, and will put down my paycheck on the table for this claim.

  4. Well said! I think propaganda also played a major role in keeping people home. The respected body of the Ulema told people not to protest and warned that it will only bring chaos. Its also the amount of fear and lack of understanding. In a place like saudi, my guess would be to educate people on why there needs to be a protest before expecting anyone to show up. And.. staying away from western like notions will also help.
    I’m certain that Saudi will see changes in the near future.. but I think a few more Arab leaders need to be thrown out before we see that happening.

    • The have been playing the card of separating people on sectarian lines and that is why sent fake sms’s on phones and messages on TV that (the show of rage) an Iranian propganda to misguide their own (so innocent looking) people!!

      They have always depicted and create a hype among people that Iran was the immediate and greatest danger to them (being a shia nation), just like how every ( non-muslim) Indian is raised from the childhood to be an enemy of (muslim) Pakistani and hate them.The irony is that Iran never attacked any nation and kept a straight policy against the oppressors and defended the oppressed.This is what is not liked by arab milk shakes,since this is not their language, and with this policy they would lose the control of people (although they would win their love.. which does not matter them as long as they have sword in their custody). e.g Kuwaities were always alarmed by the sheikhs that Iran was the enemy whereas the irony is that the agressor who invaded their country was Saddam (a Baathist sunni)!..

      Rest assured this policy cannot go for long and they would be exposed soon as people are gradually realising the truth and history is unfolding all around them.

  5. how about this: there was no revolution because the overwhelming majority simply love the king… and i do mean love. i wouldnt expect you to understand, but take from your typical saudi… people love that guy

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