Top Ten Twitter Users in Saudi Arabia

Five months ago, Ahmed wrote a post about the Top Ten Twitter Users In Saudi Arabia, of course that was before the “Arab Spring” when news sites started quoting twitter users. I was interested in seeing how the list might have changed, and here are my findings, and while I did use a couple of sites to get raw numbers, I did not like the “secret” methods they used to calculate them, so I just used the pure and simple method of seeing it as it is, with follower numbers.

1. Salman Alodah a popular sheik who had a television program that was canceled. He was not on Ahmed’s list, but he has 71,552 followers, making him the highest followed Saudi person, his status as a sheik and TV personality means he is followed by many around the world, not just in Saudi.

2. Turki Aldakhil held on to his position as number two on the list. A writer and TV presenter, he has 54,757 followers.

3. Ahmad Alshugairi, a TV personality, famous for his show in Ramadan has 47,450 followers.

4. Mohammad Baharith, 31,837 followers.

5. RayeD_X 24,609 followers, moved down a position, he was number 3 on Ahmed’s list.

6. Ali Aldafiri, a journalist and TV presenter, 23,637 followers.

7. Malik Nejer, 19,833 followers, I wrote about him a while ago.

8. Fahad Albutairi, 18,306 followers, a stand-up comedian and star of the popular Saudi YouTube show LaYekthar.

9. Aziz Shalan, 18,202 followers, my friend Aziz has moved down the list from number 1 to number 8, still in the face of most of them being TV personalities/celebrities, it is understandable.

10. Essam Alzamil, 18,045 followers, a writer and blogger who writes about economics.

The list is missing more than half of the names that were on it like @ahmed, @alzaid, @ibrahemsu, @alfarhan, and @Bandar, while they are still active, none are as popular as TV personalities and journalist who have a wider fan base.

All of the numbers are valid at the time of the publishing of this post, it could change dramatically again in the next few months/days.

Any corrections are welcome of course.

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5 thoughts on “Top Ten Twitter Users in Saudi Arabia

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  2. This is an interesting exercise.

    There are probably many reasons people in the media get more followers, including name recognition, a platform to advertise their Twitter account, and the sense that people who watch them regularly may have that theirs is a trustworthy perspective, or at least they already know the biases.

    However, I had the sense that when CNN decided their “personalities” should have successful Twitter accounts, they not only spared no opportunity to promote each one’s account and sign up for each other’s on air, but that those people started with a high number of CNN employees already miraculously signed up for them.

    The only “methodological problem” I would see is that counting followers misses those of us who “follow” but don’t sign on as followers, and don’t have Twitter accounts–twilurkers, if you will. However, that is hard to assess and may be a wash anyway. So, your methodology is satisfactory (sorry grading grad papers!) ! 😀

  3. I have been following commoners in SA, etc, & in most cases, women in the majority; while your poll may be interesting, it probably does not reflect the true state of the twitter-land in Gulf and how the the Arab Revival is seen by the people in SA and ex-pats living outside the repression in the GCC States; if you have the inclination and the freedom (ie. live in EU or USA) perhaps a study along those lines might be more useful

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