Western Media and Saudi Women Driving

I have made my stance clear on women’s right to drive in Saudi Arabia, what I would like to make clear is to say that Western media does not really care which way the boat sails, and the American congress is not going to do anything regarding the issue of Saudi women driving.

“Never put your trust in Hilary Rodham, cuz I can tell you now it will turn out rotten” Ice Cube

I saw a few excited individuals happy that the issue of Saudi women driving is getting western media attention, of course it will, people will watch the news about this because it is “exotic”. It is big money and the news agencies now that, Saudi is a rich country, we import everything, and they will watch and forecast their projections for their soon to be profits.

America does not care about women, they make a fuss over a few young girls getting married to old men in Saudi but when little girls start becoming prostitutes in Haiti for food (or the equivalent of $2-3 per customer), little attention goes that way (and this has been in the news, with very little attention for over six months), who cares about people when they have no money? If they cannot profit from your situation, then little to nothing will be done.

When I say this, I get hit with a counter argument, but what about the Qatif girl? What about Samar Badawi, what about Fouad Alfarhan?

Those were individuals, it is a different story, media (all of them) were in it for the ratings, the issue was highlighted, and the problem for them was solved… But it is not always like that.

Applying the same and expecting results when it comes to 50% of the population, you get a whole big ball of messy goop, even neqabi women who have never been to Saudi Arabia and compare Saudi streets to New York get air time on CNN! that’s how much they want to fill the airwaves with money making rate increasing programming, who cares about anything else?

And like every thing on the news, people will get sick of it, the ratings will drop, and then they will find another story that interests the masses… Remember, we had two seasons of Arab revolutions, Tunisia and Egypt… then… no one wanted to watch anymore of that kind of news.



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6 thoughts on “Western Media and Saudi Women Driving

  1. Excellent analysis!

    And to think I deemed my draft post on a related aspect hard-hitting! Thanks for the “stimulus package” 😀

    Off to polish draft! 😀

    • Thanks Chiara… I hope you are not waiting for Obamacare next 🙂

      (you know, stimulus package… obama-care) 🙂

  2. Wonderful. Thank you for writing this.
    Western Media is not fair to Muslims nor Arabs, so why would they care whether Saudi women drive or not.

  3. Well, I want to watch more of the Arab Spring stuff and do find it online mostly thanks to the efforts of Shaam News Network and Syrian Days of Rage – English which I follow in Facebook. Anderson Cooper often speaks of Syria, thankfully. I repost a number of those for any FB friends interested. 🙂

    You are right about most of the media though. It seems most Americans care more about silly celebrity news than people suffering and struggling in other nations. It’s a very shameful fact about us.

    • Susanne, all over the world, none of us want to see people struggling, so we (our selves) look for entertainment, they (the media) provide what brings them the most they can earn… that is what I was trying to say… not American as in the American people, but as in policy makers.

      Thanks again 🙂

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