Saudi Cracks Down on Illegal Workers

If you have been to Saudi Arabia for more than a day, you would realize its dependence on a foreign workforce.

While nothing is wrong with that, if done legally, is justifiable… but its not.

Many companies and individuals employ people who either didn’t enter the country for work, or are illegal immigrants, and the companies and individuals are more than can be counted, and as long as there is a supply and demand, the cycle will continue… but should it?

So the ministry of labor started a major crackdown on illegal immigrants and cutting in half the fake iqamas (the right to stay permits), as they should.

The problem I have is the videos and pictures I’ve seen for the activities of detaining those people.

The Wall Street Journal wrote an article about it, and the picture they have on one of the incidents (at least that is what anyone would think) even if the guy is a killer, he should not be detained like that. (picture below).

saudi crackdown on illegal workers


A video I’ve also seen, and everything makes it online as soon as it happens, has a very cruel video of an arrest taking place، Kicking to the head and twisting of arms, this should not be happening.

Our own Harvard Graduated Lawer Bandar AlNogaithan @SaudiLawyer is also appalled at what is going on and expressed so on twitter, posting a link (in Arabic) on how England treats those who have violated British Immigration laws in a humane was, even though it is more crowded and the youth in UK are unemployed.

I agree with the crackdown, but not with the methods I’ve been seeing.

Of course this has hit home, it has put many businesses and some schools and universities on halt. We will also see a delay in some already delayed projects, as most sub-sub-sub contractos employ anyone who can move.

Some families have been living in Saudi Arabia for a couple or more generations, and some do not have legal status, however, the step to give some Burmese residence residential permits is a step forward and should be noted.



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4 thoughts on “Saudi Cracks Down on Illegal Workers

  1. Whaaaat? An important post like this is 3 days old, and it has ZERO comments! That’s the most telling of all comments. The photo and video you posted were mild. This type of inhumane, brutal behavior is commonplace in Saudi Arabia. (I lived there for over 25 years.) It is especially inflicted upon immigrants from Asia and Africa because these human beings are considered “beneath” the average Saudi, and in existence for their use and disposal.

    • i hate to say this, but yes saudi arabia is by and large thought not completely a racist country. i have not experienced racism here ( i did in qatar, but that is a different story ), but i see it daily. the fact that you have a graded pay scale based on your nationality is most telling. the story of rizana nafeek and the saudi reaction to her case is also a very sad indicator. she was murdered by a government that simply could not admit that it made a mistake in convicting her. granting her pardon was out of the question because that would have raised the ire of many a citizen as well as open questions as to her mistaken conviction in the first place. i had seen bumper stickers with the sign “ma’a nafeek” with an icon of a sword over a persons head. this is a message to all of us that we are considered as garbage by a major portion of the country. the government itself speaks from both sides of its mouth as the “kingdom of humanity” keeps talking about fairness, but as you can see in the video, i have yet to see a saudi employer taken to jail for his violation of the laws of contracting out these workers who came legally. now in the end what forces me not to take saudi arabia seriously at all when it comes to issues like this is that this country which claims that all non-sunnis as fasik and kafir is actually doing this to its own muslim “brothers” and i use that term very loosely. i am sunni, thank you very much. and the next set of videos tells you how entrenched this attitude is in the society. and i apologize to qusay.

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