Video: Graffiti in Jeddah

Graffiti, part of the hiphop culture that is taking over the world, is taking part in Saudi also, I am happy to know that we have artists, not vandals who seem to leave their marks on every wall just to say they’ve been there.

Saudi Arabia Jenadriyah Festival 2011

The last thing I would’ve expected is Japanese Jazz musicians in a Saudi Cultural festival. Thanks to Thamer AlTassan for the video. Now, I hope some of our musicians can play on big stages sometime soon and have some light shed on them.

Video: Jeddah Help Volunteers in Action

A couple of months ago I volunteered with the Jeddah help initiative to provide relief to the poor areas of Jeddah which were hit badly due to the flash flooding which happened around the end of January 2011. Here is a short video of the people living in those areas, their homes, and the guys in action delivering the food and…
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Video: SandStorm Hits Kuwait and Saudi

Yesterday a sandstorm hit Kuwait and Saudi, schools were closed in Riyadh because of it. A few guys from Kuwait took this video of the sandstorm coming their way, and it looks like a scene out of The Mummy movie, art imitates life this time.

Video Mecca Timelapse

Someone beat me to it, what I wanted to do is different, but this timelapse video from Makkah is very nice. The video was made by Hosain Hadi

Music – Another Wind (Nujabes Tribute)

Do not read this or start the video unless you are in a cool contemplative mood Another Wind (Nujabes Tribute) sometimes i wish that everything i saw was what it seemed but somehow it feels like everything is but a dream not knowing who you are can be frightening to some degree so i let…
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