Video: SandStorm Hits Kuwait and Saudi

Yesterday a sandstorm hit Kuwait and Saudi, schools were closed in Riyadh because of it. A few guys from Kuwait took this video of the sandstorm coming their way, and it looks like a scene out of The Mummy movie, art imitates life this time.

Video Mecca Timelapse

Someone beat me to it, what I wanted to do is different, but this timelapse video from Makkah is very nice. The video was made by Hosain Hadi

Music – Another Wind (Nujabes Tribute)

Do not read this or start the video unless you are in a cool contemplative mood Another Wind (Nujabes Tribute) sometimes i wish that everything i saw was what it seemed but somehow it feels like everything is but a dream not knowing who you are can be frightening to some degree so i let…
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Riyadh Book Fair Fights 2011

For a very unhealthy book sellers/authors/readers market, they sure get passionate about book titles and fictional stories. I imagine Oprah’s book club would have a hard time meeting regularly in Riyadh.

Music: Made in Saudi Vol.1 Mixtape

Hiphop in Saudi is gaining popularity at record rates, and more and more artists are starting to record their music . A couple of weeks ago I spent sometime with the cool guys at @RedsandAV and met a few cool cats who came to record their music there. Today I came across this mixtape, which is called…
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Rappers In Jeddah Saudi Arabia Freestyling

My friend Hassan (aka @big_hass) asked me if I was interested in helping him video an interview he was planning on doing with a couple of young rappers in Jeddah. The interview took place near a basketball court in alrawda district, I thought no one would be there playing ball, but to my surprise it was full and loud….
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