Lomar Thobes New Collection

The Saudi thobe is going through a major transformation phase spearheaded by a company that is redefining what a thobe can be. LomarThobe made a name for itself a few years ago and continue to make designes that distinguish their brand from all the others out there. The team at Lomar have shared with me their latest and newest…
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Saudi Visual Artist: Saffaa

By @MsSaffaa a visual artist from Saudi Arabia who is currently pursing a degree from the Sydney College of the Arts in Australia (Riyadh Bureau) Damn, this artwork is powerful. Her blog Her facebook page Great artwork and you know me… I always have an appreciation for art

Looking for a Maid in Saudi

Having had the choice, my wife and I would not employ a live in maid, some help around the house would be appreciated, but we do not require the presence of one all the time. Someone like Berta from Two and a Half Men (best of Berta on Youtube)… If I can only be blogging from a…
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What Saudis Tell Kim Kardashian on Twitter

So I was doing some research of Saudis on Instagram (the popular photo sharing site), and I found this interesting picture of Kim Kardashian and comment by a Saudi… and for all of you guys out there, please read what is under the picture before forgetting what you are looking at the picture for 😉 Of course it…
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When Defeat is Still a Victory

The young Wojdan Shahrkhani became the first Saudi Arabian woman to compete at the Olympic Games, not just in London, but first ever. While she did not win a medal, she did win what is no doubt more than a medal could. All athletes at the Olympics dream of medals, in Wojdan’s case, she won…
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Video – Where is Makkah?

I saw this stencil at the Edge of Arabia, and I did not get the concept of it, it is made my @SarahMalabdali and she has a blog called Amishka, but then I saw this video, and it finally made sense. Film 05 Paint the Way from Crossway Foundation on Vimeo. You see, we all…
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A Belated Ramadan Mubarak

Glitches in life… never going they way we expect it to go, but hey… that’s how it keeps us on our toes like ballerinas. Photo by the talented Faisal Almalki