Video – Where is Makkah?

I saw this stencil at the Edge of Arabia, and I did not get the concept of it, it is made my @SarahMalabdali and she has a blog called Amishka, but then I saw this video, and it finally made sense. Film 05 Paint the Way from Crossway Foundation on Vimeo. You see, we all…
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A Belated Ramadan Mubarak

Glitches in life… never going they way we expect it to go, but hey… that’s how it keeps us on our toes like ballerinas. Photo by the talented Faisal Almalki

Video: Saudi Wedding

A Saudi Wedding video by a great photographer and acquaintance  Nidal Taha which he made for his sister’s wedding. It is almost wedding season again, and I wish the bride and groom the best. Some of Nidal’s work can be found here and here. For more on Saudi Weddings, you can check out these posts by me: Jeddah…
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In Arab Clothing

You get to see almost all the Arab politicians and business men in western attire, yet that rare picture of a western politician or celebrity in Arab clothing is not something that you see… except if you add a dash of photoshop, then everything is possible. I like the John Travolta picture the best

This is What it Sounds Like…

This is what it sound like… when bloggers meet (couldn’t find a word that rhymes with cry… would’ve been cool to have it sound like “when doves cry”) @Hning, (Alia Makki), @Soumz, (Asmaa M), and @smaldosari, (Saad Al-Dosari) who paid for my coffee and now I owe him one Them and I were guests on…
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Saudi Women Climbing Mount Everest

Speaking of sports bras and what’s in’em, ten Saudi women are getting ready to climb Mount Everest in an effort to raise awareness of breast cancer. “Destination Mount Everest” is under the patronage of Princess Rema Daughter of Bandar bin Sultan AlSaud, in association with the ministry of education and health. The effort comes after…
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Where Are The Sports Bras?

Saudi Women Basketball Team

I am happy with the decision to let saudi women participate in the Olympics, I’ve been a supporter since the beginning on this blog, even though this stands against the original olympics where athletes (only males) would compete naked, plus, originating with the Greeks this event has pagan origins. Now, looking back on this, where will they…
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