New Changes in the Saudi Government 

Something historical happened in Saudi Arabia, the morning of April 29, 2015 saw a change in cabinet unlike any we have seen before. From crown princes to ministers, mostly all chairs/positions have new people in the seats. I’m not an authority on Saudi history, but not since the late Kings Saud and Faisal has anyone in…
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Saudi Streetart Exhibition In Jeddah

I tried to visit this place, unfortunately I couldn’t find a parking space. I circled the area three times, got into a fender bender and quit trying to find the place and went to have dinner instead.

The New iPhone six’s

The new iPhone(s) 6 just came out, ever since Steve passed away they started doing them in twos, first the 5S and the 5C, now the 6 and the 6 plus, and they are getting bigger and better. Phones seem to follow a cycle of big to small then small to big, and it’s funny…
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Game of Thrones Saudi

Many people I know watch Game of Thrones, including my wife and I, something in me wants to read the book, or the series of the books, but I don’t want to ruin the show, if that makes sense at all. Imagine my surprise to see this on the internet today, my heart skipped a…
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Obama in Saudi Arabia


US president Barack Obama visits Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah for the second time, or maybe his third time, to discuss the situations around us, I’m guessing Qatar, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Iran, are all on the agenda. Qatar for the recent fallout, Syria for the many years of the world standing still and watching, Egypt for…
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Save the Syrian Children

save the syrian children video 1 second

So much trouble has been going on in the world that we almost… no we ARE desensitized to it. I did a personal 1 second a day video and when I watched it, it was so surprising how much difference a year makes and all the events in it, this video is a reminder of…
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Court Jesters

This is a fictional story, any resemblance with facts or figures in the past, current or future is coincidental and not intended. Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away, there was a fiefdom where a court jester asked an advisor a question they say, the question was asked and before time had…
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