King Abdullah Appoints Women to Shura Council

King Abdullah appointed women to the shura council (advisory council), a historic move in modern day Saudi Arabia, which was founded by King Abdulaziz who is known to have to call himself “brother of Nora”, his sister, a woman he often consulted for her wisdom, and recently had a university built in her name. The…
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Lomar Thobes New Collection

The Saudi thobe is going through a major transformation phase spearheaded by a company that is redefining what a thobe can be. LomarThobe made a name for itself a few years ago and continue to make designes that distinguish their brand from all the others out there. The team at Lomar have shared with me their latest and newest…
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Saudi Visual Artist: Saffaa

By @MsSaffaa a visual artist from Saudi Arabia who is currently pursing a degree from the Sydney College of the Arts in Australia (Riyadh Bureau) Damn, this artwork is powerful. Her blog Her facebook page Great artwork and you know me… I always have an appreciation for art

Saudi Beauty Pageants

Saudi Beauty Pageants, otherwise known as “Miss Beautiful Morals” and no, its not for goats or camels this time, and it goes to show that beauty is skin deep and it is not what is on the outside that counts… that is if you can see what is on the outside which leaves a lot…
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Looking for a Maid in Saudi

Having had the choice, my wife and I would not employ a live in maid, some help around the house would be appreciated, but we do not require the presence of one all the time. Someone like Berta from Two and a Half Men (best of Berta on Youtube)… If I can only be blogging from a…
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Maid Decapitates 4 Year Old Child in Yanbu

In Yanbu, and in the next neighborhood, and on a street I’ve driven by many times over the past year, a little girl was decapitated by the maid on Wednesday (September 26) while her parents were at work and her siblings were in school. The father, who upon hearing the news rushed home in a hurry, collided with…
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King of Expansions

King Abdullah has been called the King of Expansions in the newspapers (at least the Arabic ones), and I’ve said it before and I say it again, the region has not seen as much development in its known or unknown history as it has seen during king Abdullah’s reign. The recent expansion plans for Prophet Mohammad’s mosque are…
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