Saudi Cracks Down on Illegal Workers

If you have been to Saudi Arabia for more than a day, you would realize its dependence on a foreign workforce. While nothing is wrong with that, if done legally, is justifiable… but its not. Many companies and individuals employ people who either didn’t enter the country for work, or are illegal immigrants, and the companies and individuals are…
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Blocking Social Applications

Saudi Arabia might ban a few applications like the popular WhatsApp, Skype, and Viber (I always wondered why they never banned Viber in Saudi Arabia since it is/was made by an Israeli company). The reason… security, that is it basically, those applications became very popular even though there are many other applications that  do the same thing, but somehow,…
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The Maid in The Back of The Car

This picture made the rounds on Saudi social media and spread out of the Saudi twitter sphere. The picture is of an Asian maid sitting all the way in the back of the car in between all the stuff, the family (I assume) seem to be traveling, it’s spring break and Jeddah is full of…
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Sometimes it Snows in Saudi

The snow in Saudi falls gently on the sand. I look at these pictures in the balmy 30 degrees Celsius weather we have these days, but snow seems to fall yearly on the Laws Mountain… apparently some people believe that it is the mountain that Moses received the ten commandments on, hence the name Laws, but when I first heard…
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King Abdullah Appoints Women to Shura Council

King Abdullah appointed women to the shura council (advisory council), a historic move in modern day Saudi Arabia, which was founded by King Abdulaziz who is known to have to call himself “brother of Nora”, his sister, a woman he often consulted for her wisdom, and recently had a university built in her name. The…
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Lomar Thobes New Collection

The Saudi thobe is going through a major transformation phase spearheaded by a company that is redefining what a thobe can be. LomarThobe made a name for itself a few years ago and continue to make designes that distinguish their brand from all the others out there. The team at Lomar have shared with me their latest and newest…
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Saudi Visual Artist: Saffaa

By @MsSaffaa a visual artist from Saudi Arabia who is currently pursing a degree from the Sydney College of the Arts in Australia (Riyadh Bureau) Damn, this artwork is powerful. Her blog Her facebook page Great artwork and you know me… I always have an appreciation for art