Top of The Makkah Clock Tower Video

I feel vertigo just looking at this video, add to the fact that camera shake is a bit nauseating. I wonder if that French Spiderman guy would convert to Islam just to be able to enter Makkah and climb the Makkah clock tower… or maybe some base jumpers

The Jeddah Kingdom Tower

Jeddah will have the world’s largest tower, ok, I guess that is where everyone will move as they fix the city, and it can be like a future Eco system, you know like StarTreck with their U.S.S. enterprise, we already wear the same outfit, just like they do in the future (everybody wears the same…
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Award winning Saudi photographers

My friends Thamer AlHassan and Thammer AlTassan just won first and third place in Europe’s most prestigious photography competition Px3 in the non-professional architecture photography category. Thamer AlHassan won first place for his picture of Shielh Zaid Mosque in the U.A.E. Thamer Altassan won third place for his picture of Sultan Ahmed mosque in Istanbul…
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The Making of “Desert Seas”

The Making of “Desert Seas” “A behind-the-scenes look at what it was like working on the new National Geographic documentary, Desert Seas” a natural history documentary featuring Saudi Arabia’s two seas; the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf, produced by Icon Films and underwritten by Saudi Aramco.” I cannot wait to see this, the greatness…
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Saudi Solar Energy

I am extremely glad to read this piece of information, Saudi Arabia plans to be the Saudi Arabia of Solar Energy. Which says that Saudi Arabia will export energy to Europe This means that solar would make up the other 80% of energy demands that the nuclear plants won’t make. According to Oil Minister Ali…
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Women Selling Lingerie in Saudi

It is official now, women will be selling lingerie in Saudi, and not just in closed off for women’s only shops like they currently do. That comes out at the same time “no mixing of sexes at workplaces is allowed” by the the religious council, which basically means (to me) that lingerie shop employees (men and women) should not…
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Saudi Arabia Nuclear Reactors

It is official, to meet the energy demands of a new Saudi Arabia, Saudi is going with nuclear power. My feelings on this, I hate it. My engineering mind knows that there are no alternatives that can meet the energy demand, solar would be an alternative but it is still in its research and development…
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