Best 10 Pictures of Jeddah

Last post was the old pictures of Jeddah, this post, it is the new pictures. I am disappointed that we do not have many pictures of modern Jeddah, taking pictures in the city seems somewhat troublesome. I would love to take more pictures, but there is always some type of construction going on which would ruin an otherwise…
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Old Pictures of Jeddah

I received these pictures in my email, and wanted to share them on the blog. Aerial View of Jeddah and The Wall in 1938 Jeddah Cemetery 1918 Legend has it, that Eve, our mother Eve from Adam and Eve, was buried in Jeddah, and so the burial ground was called what it has been called. Now there are no more…
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Saudi Arabia: Public Consensus On Women Driving

As much as I would like the restriction on women’s driving in Saudi to be lifted, I know it is not the public consensus, most do not want women to drive, even among families with women who want to drive, that applies to my own family and extended family. To deny that fact, and to…
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Manal AlShareef

I am really saddened by what is happening to Manal AlShareef as a result of her wanting to drive a car, which should not be an issue at all. What is saddening is she is alone in all of this, in 1991 when a few women went out, there was no social media and camera…
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Saudi Women Driving on the 17th of June

I have shared my thoughts on the issue of Saudi women and their right to drive a couple of times (here and here). I shared the experience of my cousin also. And of course I wrote a parody, which should be the anthem of the movement (we still need a singer) This time, and maybe it is…
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Sandstorm Over Riyadh

A picture of the sandstorm over Riyadh, May 1st 2011 Taken by @Nasser_Alnasser

Saudi Women Want to Vote

Some Saudi Women want to vote in the municipal elections, which by the way, most men say they will boycott because the elections are a joke, since none of this will have the power to change anything. I found this picture, now these are not Saudi women, but the picture really is expressive of the…
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