Shoura Council and Ten Lashes To Go with That

As my cerebral cortex tries to make sense of all the news coming out from pure secrecy, which makes it all sound like an Apple keynote speech where not even a leak comes out a little bit beforehand, King Abdullah announces that women will be able to participate in municipal elections, as voters and run…
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On Being Saudi, and How I feel about it

To me, Saudi is like a rose that grows from concrete, against all odds. You can look at it and be amazed at its ability to grow in such conditions, or you can decide to only look at its imperfections, but in the end you can only be amazed. (The Rose that grew from concrete)…
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Nitaqat (Ranges) is a new measurement mechanism which will be used by the ministry of Labor, a “saher” for businesses… and a long overdue initiative. It is sad that the employment of natives, is looking more like affirmative action than actually employing and empowering the local community, and having been a job seeker only a…
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Saudi – First Day of School

I saw this kid sitting on his mother’s lap in a crowded car in an old Chevrolet Caprice at a traffic light. Today is the first day of school after the summer vacation in Saudi, and you can tell he was not excited at all, he kept looking at me, and I kept looking at…
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Top of The Makkah Clock Tower Video

I feel vertigo just looking at this video, add to the fact that camera shake is a bit nauseating. I wonder if that French Spiderman guy would convert to Islam just to be able to enter Makkah and climb the Makkah clock tower… or maybe some base jumpers

The Jeddah Kingdom Tower

Jeddah will have the world’s largest tower, ok, I guess that is where everyone will move as they fix the city, and it can be like a future Eco system, you know like StarTreck with their U.S.S. enterprise, we already wear the same outfit, just like they do in the future (everybody wears the same…
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Award winning Saudi photographers

My friends Thamer AlHassan and Thammer AlTassan just won first and third place in Europe’s most prestigious photography competition Px3 in the non-professional architecture photography category. Thamer AlHassan won first place for his picture of Shielh Zaid Mosque in the U.A.E. Thamer Altassan won third place for his picture of Sultan Ahmed mosque in Istanbul…
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