Maid Decapitates 4 Year Old Child in Yanbu

In Yanbu, and in the next neighborhood, and on a street I’ve driven by many times over the past year, a little girl was decapitated by the maid on Wednesday (September 26) while her parents were at work and her siblings were in school. The father, who upon hearing the news rushed home in a hurry, collided with…
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King of Expansions

King Abdullah has been called the King of Expansions in the newspapers (at least the Arabic ones), and I’ve said it before and I say it again, the region has not seen as much development in its known or unknown history as it has seen during king Abdullah’s reign. The recent expansion plans for Prophet Mohammad’s mosque are…
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The Maid Got Paid

Not all maid stories in Saudi are sad, like this lady who inherited 20 million riyals (5.33 million dollars) after her employer/husband passed away shortly after marrying her. (source) This is not the late Anna Nicole Smith, but the old man is said to have had real estate in the ball park of 300 million…
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Fighting a Film with Fire

I am against the protests and riots that are happening due to a film about Prophet Mohammad. The film is stupid in its videography, acting, and everything that could be wrong with how a film can be made… I have seen better made videos with camera phones, had there been a riot for bad film making I…
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Raising funds for the United Nations World Food Programme

I am now a regional ambassador for Harley Davidson, thanks to Samaher Tariq a fashion blogger and social media consultant in Saudi Arabia. Under the title “Join the Ride, Change Lives” there will be an Open House Day which will be held on the weekend of Oct 11 – 14 2012 where Harley-Davidson’s newest 2013 models will be revealed….
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Hasten to Glory and Supremacy

I was teaching my son the Saudi national anthem today, as I realized that he was looking at other kids during the morning session in his school with bewilderment… Understandably, we don’t really say/sing it at home, and most first graders don’t know it either, except for a few who I assume their fathers are…
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Stylish Photobombing at Sheikh Zayid’s Mosque

The same mosque that my friend Thamer received two awards for photographing, had this funny and stylish thing going on. I am not sure if it is authentic as the lady on a skateboard with an abaya Source of picture