Saudi McDonalds

The world loves junk food, the world also loves to sing, check out a Saudi ordering by singing (badly) through the drive through… while the expat (probably Filipino) sings back in affirmation .. oh yeah, the world does not like to get out of its car… and Saudi’s do love their chicken. of course this badly off-key singing reminded me of…
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Hajj Eid

I never felt that the Hajj Eid was the big Eid, unlike most of the Muslim world where the Hajj Eid is the “big” Eid and celebrated with more customs, here in the Hijaz region of Saudi Arabia, it is not felt. I would say it is just me, but even SMS messages congratulating people on the arrival…
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Jabertoon – Saudi Cartonist

One of the things I wish I could do is draw. Abdullah Jaber @jabertoon is a Saudi cartoonist with almost one hundred thousand followers on twitter and his cartoons are published in Saudi newspapers. What Saudi development is really like, you can have the nicest buildings, but Human Resource departments will tell you it is…
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That’s How I didn’t buy a Nook

A few months ago, I wanted to buy an e-book reader. So I went online and did my research, and settled for the Barnes & Noble “NOOK Simple Touch™ with GlowLight™“, I like to read until I fall asleep, and most often I find myself reading way beyond the time I planned for a good…
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SAS-AiChE Western Region

Today, with the help of my colleagues at work, I officially started a Chapter of The American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AiChE) for the Western Region of Saudi Arabia. The chapter is a section of SAS-AiChE which is currently only active in the Eastern Province where the major companies are located, however, since Yanbu is…
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Lomar Thobes New Collection

The Saudi thobe is going through a major transformation phase spearheaded by a company that is redefining what a thobe can be. LomarThobe made a name for itself a few years ago and continue to make designes that distinguish their brand from all the others out there. The team at Lomar have shared with me their latest and newest…
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Saudi Visual Artist: Saffaa

By @MsSaffaa a visual artist from Saudi Arabia who is currently pursing a degree from the Sydney College of the Arts in Australia (Riyadh Bureau) Damn, this artwork is powerful. Her blog Her facebook page Great artwork and you know me… I always have an appreciation for art