Saudi Women at the Olympics

My friend Waseem Azib made a valid point the other day, that our country with almost 30 million residents and more than 60% of the population is made up of youth, saudi has only 19 participants (no one cares to know who they are or what they are competing in) at the London olympics, percentage wise thats  less…
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A Belated Ramadan Mubarak

Glitches in life… never going they way we expect it to go, but hey… that’s how it keeps us on our toes like ballerinas. Photo by the talented Faisal Almalki

Project: Aseer Sand in an Hourglass

The inspirational Michael Bou-Nacklie of MBN wishes to make a documentary about one of the most colorful areas in Saudi Arabia, Aseer. Mike says: “Why I need YOUR help: This project is near and dear to me. Ive been in the Kingdom for almost a decade. Saudi Arabia is a very misunderstood country, both within it’s…
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Street Photography in Jeddah

These pictures belong to my very good friend @HameedAnbar and he shared them on his blog They were taken in Jeddah’s balad district, a historic district which very few Saudi’s live in, once the boom happened, everyone gradually left it, now it is mostly inhabited by workers looking for low rent housing. I really liked…
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Nitpicking on Manal AlSharif Oslo speech

First of all I do not hate, and I do participate, but Manal Alshareef’s speech at Oslo, had so many inconsistencies, I just had to say something. The speech was dramatic, in a storytelling way, but as is the case with dramatic stories, spices were added for dramatic effect. The bullet holes in the ka’ba…
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Saudi Singer – Mashael

Speaking of marriage, the lady which sang at our wedding (female side) has become a famous singer. The fee for her to sing (with her band) on our wedding night was either equal or a bit more than my salary, and they say she was very talented. So it is no surprise that when we fast forward…
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